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Katrin Bowen is a Vancouver based director whose award-winning films include Amazon Falls, Financially Strapped, Spitting Reality, Someone, Almost Forgot My Bones and Sandcastle.

Katrin won the 2011 Artistic Achievement Award for direction in her first feature film: Amazon Falls. Amazon Falls premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) and won the best debut feature at the 2011 female eye festival. Katrin directed the Gemini nominated slam poetry film Shane with Shane Koyczan that opened the 2011 Doxa Festival.

Katrin is in post-production on her second feature film Random Acts of Romance and is in development on two features, the semi autobiographical feature Off Course and Blackbird.

Off Course is a semi autobiographical feature about a model hitchhiking in Italy: a young modelís desperate journey to get home and the charming man who gives her a ride and insight into his own version of hell.† Off Course has received development funding from Telefilm Canada.

Blackbird is a film set amidst a world of nightlife and crime, two DJs struggle with their demons, their families, their relationships... and fight to make the right choices.

Katrin is an Alumnae of the University of California at Berkeley, The Cannes Producing Intensive, Women in the Directorís Chair and the Berlinale Talent Campus.

Current News:

Katrin is currently in post-production on the sexy and hilarious Random Acts of Romance which has Telefilm Canada funding and Superchannel on board. Release scheduled for Fall 2012

Katrin's first feature film Amazon Falls that she directed and co-produced with partner Darren Reiter has a theatrical and television release. The story is based on her experience in the B-Movie industry in Los Angeles.

Katrin is honoured to be the 2009 Women in the Director's Chair (WIDC) Feature Film Award winner. The award, valued at $100,000, will support the completion of Bowen’s feature film "Amazon Falls" (full copy of the WIDC press release).

Katrin's feature script she wrote called "Off Course" is currently in development.

Katrin is slated to direct the sexy and hilarious feature "Random Acts of Romance".

Katrin has received development funding from Telefilm Canada to write the feature film "Ellis & Louise".

Recent Work:

Katrin performed in and directed "Financially Strapped"; which played in rotation on the Wedge on Much Music, was in competition at the 2008 Zebra Video Poetry Festival, and selected to show at the 2008 Interfilm Film Festival in Berlin.

Katrin directed the film "Edna Brown" which received a grant from the BC Arts council and screened at the 2008 Women in Film Festival.

Katrin directed "Sand Castle" for the Crazy 8s film festival. Sand Castle screened at the 2006 Montreal World Film Festival and won the diversity prize from CITY TV.

In 2005 Katrin co-directed the hockey movie "Boxing Day Classic" with Kirby Morrow which won the best adventure script at the 2005 Whistler Film Festival.

"Almost Forgot My Bones" depicts the transformation of an African-Canadian woman’s identity. This evocative and lyrical videopoem screened in the Canadian shorts program at the 2004 Toronto International Film Festival and is the Winner of the  Audience Choice award 2004 Vancouver Videopoetry festival and the best international film award at the Chroma International Film Festival in Mexico.

"Linden", a one-hour documentary, focuses on one of the most isolated and religious groups in the world: The Holdeman Mennonites.

"Someone" won the audience choice award and Katrin was honored to receive the Vision Award for best director at the Vancouver Videopoetry festival.

Other short films by Katrin include: "I Stalker" a short comedy and "Save Santa" a Public Service Announcement on global warming.

Katrin has completed the 2007 Women in the Directors Chair at the Banff Centre and the Cannes Producing Intensive at the 2004 Cannes Film Festival. Katrin is also an alumnae of the Berlinale Talent Campus and the University of California at Berkeley.

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